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    The North Korean Bitcoin hackers attacked the Bitcoin exchanges

    To combat the financial damage caused by North Korean bitcoin hackers, the American government is mobilizing a bounty hunting program to combat cyber security. It offers a reward of up to 5 million dollars for information about the identity or activity of the hackers.

    On April 15, the FBI published a guide called Cyber ​​Thread Advisory to find an antidote to the alleged poison of the hidden cobra. Among other things, the Cyber ​​Crime Unit is working to uncover the cryptojacking activities. Attackers infect their victims computers in order to mine Bitcoin.

    In February, it became known in this context that North Korea was using the spoils of bitcoin hackers for example the bithumb hack. North Korea had captured two billion US dollars using cybercrime. In its latest report, the U.S. Cyber ​​Crime Unit now assumes that North Korea’s Bitcoin hackers would have captured millions of dollars in attacks on Bitcoin exchanges. By subsequently sending the stolen crypto assets through different channels.

    Thieves Require International Cooperation

    In order to further curb the activities of the North Korean bitcoin hackers, the US authorities are now calling for international cooperation.

    The US authorities recommend a specially developed tool for companies to identify any attacks in advance. The help should be worthwhile. For example, the authorities promise a hefty reward for supporters who help to get to the bottom of the Bitcoin hackers from North Korea.

    The international cooperation includes;

    • To create an international awareness of North Korea’s cyber threat
    • Spread technical information about it
    • To develop together best practices with possibilities for the successful implementation of protective measures
    • Cooperation between companies and law enforcement in the event of suspicious behavior

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