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    Norway sees Russia as the perpetrator of the cyber attack

    “It is important that our government refuses to send the Russians a clear sign that we do not know,” said the Norway government. According to the Foreign Ministry, Russia is said to be behind a hacker attack on the Norwegian government. Social security numbers and other personal data belonging to members of the parliament and their possession in a hacking attack.

    Sanctions Against Russia

    On Thursday, the government announced that it had seen the sanctions against Russia, the poisoning rights of the opposition were imposed. Whether the cyber attack made the decision remained an open question. The result of the participating members came from secret services in cooperation with the new surveillance cyber ​​coordination. The Russian embassy speaks of provocation, refers to the anticipated restraint and the consideration of its government statement and the view of the Norwegian government.


    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway, however, does not want to provide any further information, allegedly in order not to use this data to provide assistance to new cyber activities. The investigation into the cyber attacks has not yet been completed. According to the Norwegian media, the government wanted to send a message to Russia and not wait so that the neighbor, with whom Norway shares a 200 kilometer land border in the north, would not take any further starts.

    But this incident is not the first espionage problem in Norway – which is connected to Russia this year. A few months ago, a Norwegian citizen was arrested for conveying data from the energy industry to an agent from Russia. On the other hand, last year the Russian judiciary sentenced a citizen to 14 years in prison for espionage. He was released last Autumn following an agreement in return the country released two Russian citizens.

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