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    The opinions of who is behind the massive hacker attacks on USA

    After a serious cyber attack on authorities in the USA, it is still unclear how large the cyber activity actually was and who was behind it. US Secretary of State said it was pretty clear that Russia was responsible for this. But just a few hours later, Trump contradicted him. He wrote on Twitter that in such a case the news would always point to Russia, but it could very well have been China.

    Trump also wrote that the cyber attack was presented online as worse than it actually was. However, the cyber criminals were able to rummage through US systems undetected for months. According to experts, thousands of companies and sectors were hacked with malware between Spring and Summer. As far as it is known, it was only activated in a small part to give attackers access. But many of those targets were high profile.


    For The United States, It Was The Biggest Cyber Attack Failure Ever Known

    The consequences are difficult to point. According to experts, there are simply not enough security to identify and trace all computer networks that the cyber attackers have penetrated.

    Exactly what the hackers are aiming at is unclear, but it could have been nuclear data,, vaccine research or data about important entrepreneurs. In the USA government, employees must assume that any exchange of data will continue to be overheard in the coming months if it is not encrypted. The spokesman for the White House said on Friday that the security advisor was advising the authorities on how to contain the consequences of the cyber attack. The cyber attackers used software, which is used for managing systems in order to penetrate it. Getting the hackers out of all these networks is made even more difficult by the fact that the software itself is very difficult.

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