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    The security company FireEye has been hacked

    The hackers were aiming for customer information, but then made use of the Fire Eye offense. IT providers all over the world are now busy. FireEye owner had to admit, “This cyber attack differs from the other incidents that we’ve reacted to over the years.”

    The cyber attackers had their approach to FireEye and proceeded with focus. They used a new method that the company and its partners had not seen before. So far, no active use of the captured activity tools has been noticed. FireEyes share price has fallen more than seven percent after the trading slump was announced.

    Russia Is Suspected

    Between the lines, FireEye accuses Russia of the attack. The US is hardly suspect, as it has long been involved in FireEyel. In line with government efforts, the hacker primarily sought data about governments. As far as it is known, the hacker was unable to extract information about customers and their IT networks from the company. FireEye will get in touch with those affected if relevant data emerges.

    Kevin Mandia, the chief executive of FireEye, says the prominent cyber-security firm was hacked recently by an unnamed foreign country.

    Instead, the hackers have obtained the tools that FireEye uses to carry out on behalf of customers. How bad that is cannot yet be estimated. If the data from FireEyes is correct, it should be less bad than the break in like few years ago. FireEye states that the hackers did not capture zero day exploits or new hacking methods. The stolen tools range from simple blogs for exploration to entire frameworks that resemble available data.

    How long the cyber attackers could remain undetected in FireEyes system and when the break in was discovered is not revealed. The company has prominent clients including several governments. FireEye receives particular attention when it is called for assistance after particularly large attacks.

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