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    Trump fires the chief for cybersecurity

    President Trump has fired the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. As the reason for the dismissal, Trump stated on social media that Krebs latest statement on the security of the election in 2020 was inaccurate, as the election had inadequacies and fraud. Trump did not provide any evidence for this. CISA has denied rumors that there had been election ransom in the past two weeks.

    President reiterated in his two tweets that deceased people had voted, election observers had been prevented from entering polling stations, and that voting machines had slammed the voting into Biden. As in the past few weeks, did not provide any evidence to support his claims. Previous cases of alleged widespread ransom brought up by Trump and his supporters have been refuted. Twitter has now provided both tweets with a warning that these are controversial allegations.


    Dismissal With Advance Notice

    Krebs discharge comes as no surprise. Sources had already reported on Thursday that Krebs is expected to be released. Obviously, that was enough to fire Krebs for it. Trump, who lost the election to his challenger Joe Biden, refuses to admit defeat. Continues to cling that alleged ransom on a large scale prevented his victory. In some states, proceedings were sought, but many claims were dismissed in advance by the courts due to a lack of evidence. In the state of Georgia, however, a recount of the votes could be obtained. As things stand, Biden is ahead of Trump here, as in the first count.

    Twitter tagged the president’s tweet with warnings about these unsubstantiated claims. Trump refuses to admit his defeat in the election and spoke of fraud even before the period without an evidence. Krebs was appointed by Trump as chief CISA.

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