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    Unsecured smart devices are a great gateway for hackers

    The coffee machine demands its work and directs a ransomware. What would be absurd to hear is finally possible, as a security researcher demonstrated in a test, which was found in a long entitled coffee perceived ransom.

    During the attempt, the expert succeeded in hacking its firmware with the WLAN interface and a weak point in the coffee machine in such a way that it extorted a ransom for the loss. This included listening to the firmware, modifying it and then uploading it back to the machine without having to gain your own access to the device, because the device has online access that is not particularly heard. After the attack, the machines then only display the message on the screen: “Do you want your device back?” check from a link that leads to the solution. The actions were manageable. The manufacturer of the device will probably not plug the vulnerability because, according to his site, they no longer offer any support for the product, although the devices are in use and should therefore be vulnerable. Here’s the sample video of their experiment:

    The Test Shows The Problems That Modern IoT Devices Bring With Them

    A regular access has a question of many years, but another place the question is how long in advance of a purchase for the software was also a support offer? There are almost 600 smart coffee makers that have not yet been set. This means that the functionalities of these devices are not rotated. The owners of these machines made it unintentionally to hack their devices, as each of these products could be accessed. Sure, you can still buy it even if it stopped getting updates, but with the pace of IoT and poor attitudes towards support, they are creating short term losses that are common to data leaks and ransomwares.

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