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    US government blames Russia for attacks on chemical plants

    The US government blames Russian authorities for the cyber attack on a chemical plant. The use of the hacking, known as Triton was supported by this scientific research, said the Treasury Department and at the same time announced sanctions against the facility. Russia continues to participate in dangerous activities that are directed against the United States and our allies.

    Triton Hacks The Systems Of The Cyber Industry

    Triton is one of the few cyber threats known to date that was developed to hack systems for chemical plant. Researchers consider the software to be dangerous because it targets the security parts of the systems. This could lead to the destruction of entire networks. During the attack three years ago, the systems of the Saudi refinery shut down. According to the findings of the IT companies, Triton also researched infrastructure in the USA.

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    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned Russia against further attacks

    “The Russian government continues to participate in dangerous cyber activities that are directed against the United States and our allies,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, explaining the sanctions.

    The Russian authorities denied the allegations made by the US authorities. Sanctions are illegal, the media said. Unlike the US government, Russians are not conducting any hacking plans in the cyber world. Such harmful threats online contradict the rules of foreign policy and interests as well as the understanding of the IT companies. Another well known infrastructure is the use of malware, during the energy supply was interrupted in some parts of the country. A few days ago, the US experts charged a few Russian agents from the military service.

    It is unlikely that punitive measures such as entry bans will really hurt those hacked. In the USA however, it is hoped that they will serve as a message to the government in Russia and show that the USA can no longer put up with hacks of this kind. Now the USA introduced its own sanctions to protect itself and its member states against the increasing number of cyber threats. It was first used in July. At that time, some employees were placed on the US sanctions because of the failed ransomware of chemical weapons.

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