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    WeLeakData’s database is for sale on the Darknet

    A database of an infamous darknet forum called was breached, exposing private messages of malicious actors who used the site.

    WeLeakData is a popular cyber crime website. Mostly frequented by hackers, cyber criminals and crackers. The website recently fell victim to a hacker attack. The personal information of its members is currently being sold on the Darknet.

    The Website Is One Of The Well Managed Forums For Cyber Criminals was a hacking forum and marketplace that focused primarily on the discussion, trading and selling of databases stolen in the event of data breaches used in attacks on credential filling.

    The website also included various other illegal activities, such as trading stolen user information and credit card scam.WeLeakData was one of the well managed forums for cybercriminals to compete with forums.

    WeLeakData used the e-commerce platform to manage its member system and ensure that the website ran smoothly. The website went offline a few months ago for unknown reasons. However, an anonymous member of the hacking group informed Cyble that the site did not survive a massive cyber attack and was closed permanently in April.

    Cyble Was Able To Find The WeleakData Database

    Just a month after the hacker forum closed, hackers offered the database content, including users private messages, for sale on the Darknet. Cyble security researchers, who identified and verified the database leak said: After a short period of time when the website was said to be offline, it was sold to a new forum member and brought back online. At about the same time, we noticed one new site, which was strikingly similar to the original website with the same database content.

    The fact led security researchers to conclude that other hackers actually hacked the website and sold the data. This month, Cyble was able to find the WeLeak Data database on a marketplace.

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