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    What is the danger of fake mails from DHL?

    Spam mails in the name of the service provider DHL always arrive in your mailbox. With the help of fake websites, the criminals try to steal your DHL access data or install malware on your PC or smartphone.

    Criminals Have Misused The DHL Brand Name To Hack Users

    It is not the first time that criminals have misused the DHL brand name to hack users on phishing sites or spread malware. The list of fake DHL emails is long. However, the subsequent emails are also fraudulent. The spam emails come from criminals. DHL only serves as a decoy. In the end, the fraudsters want to steal your login data from DHL. This allows them to redirect packets. You will receive the invoice, but no goods. Quite annoying.


    The subject line of the phishing email contains the word “delivery note” and a supposed send number. In the example published by the police, it says: “Dear customer. Your package has recently arrived at our center, but we cannot find the delivery address. Here you will find the registered contact form, the delivery note and the payment details of the airline. Enter the contact number you have given us and send it to us. We look forward to hear from you.

    If an attachment is included, a virus is probably on board. If there is only one link in the fake mail, this can have several consequences. Clicking on the link takes you to a fake website on which your access data is to be stolen. It is also possible, however, clicking on the link will take you to a page infected with malware.

    This infects your PC or smartphone and may make the devices unusable. Currently, the fake mails are mostly sent unpersonalized. Never click on links in unknown and unsolicited emails. In the worst case, your computer can be infected with malware or you will end up in a common cost trap.


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