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    Capcom suffers massive business data leak

    The game publisher Capcom has apparently been targeted by hackers – As the company writes to the social media, there were first irregularities in the system this month.

    The data of up to 350,000 customers of the game company is affected by a cyber attack. Capcom announced this in a post last week. Members of the Ragnar Locker are said to have encrypted information on the Capcom systems with the vulnerability of the same name. A cyber attack by a hacker group turned out to be the cause of the issues a little later. In the attack, information from Capcom was destroyed and encrypted. The group asked for money for the decryption. The amount of the claim was not mentioned.

    A document from the hacker group Ragnar Locker, in which they issued threats and claimed responsibility for the theft of around a terabyte of internal information at videogame firm Capcom Co., is seen in this image provided by associate professor Tetsutaro Uehara of Ritsumeikan University.

    Capcom Apparently Didn’t Pay For The Decryption

    With Capcom apparently not paying, the hackers now published all or part of the data. Capcom writes that although only the data of 10 people are affected – in fact, it is more about 350,000 customers and employees of the company.

    Credit cards or payment data are expressly not hacked, according to Capcom. A provider is responsible for this ransomware and has no evidence of it. In addition, up to 350,000 other employees and customers could be affected. Because some logs were stolen, no reliable data can be given. Customers from the USA and Asia may be affected. The cyber criminals stole names and dates of birth from customer support or the store.

    In the wake of Capcom’s announcement of the cyber attack, rumors about the attacks contents have been circulating on various forums since this morning. This should include games that have not yet been announced, working titles and release plans. None of these rumors has yet been verified. Customers who may be affected, should be contacted as soon as possible. On Capcom’s page you can see which customer could be affected.

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