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    Maze leaks data on its own platform

    The Maze ransomware has been up to almost a year and a half. This week, security experts warned about the actions of the cyber criminals. They are not satisfied with encrypting the data of their victims and then demanding a ransom.

    They want to extort higher sums of money, which is why they download the data of their victims before the attack and threaten to publish it if the required ransom is not paid .

    Lately there has been increasing information that the large and unfortunately successful ransomwares such as Maze is joining forces and on the other hand is even launching its own platform to publish the data. The term behind this tactic is called extortion. This means that the attackers on the one hand copy the data after a ransomware attack and then threaten to publish it.

    Maze ransomware is most commonly distributed on emails, with the criminals being extremely clever. The victims received an email asking them to fill out a document. For their typical approach of downloading the data, the criminals have to sneak into their victims networks some time before the attack. This carries the risk that the malware will be discovered in the meantime. In a ransomware attack that was investigated by security researchers. The malware used a virtual camouflage itself in the email of its victim. With this trick, another computer with its own structure is set up, which imitates the host computer.

    Maze ransomware

    Maze Ransomware Became More Dangerous

    Maze ransomware was a very successful ransomware group even before the last attacks, but adapting their tactics shows that those behind them are constantly trying to find new ways to make attacks even more successful. Now it is even more difficult for companies to recognize an attack in good time and to take appropriate steps. This makes preventive measures more important so that the criminals don’t even get their foot in the door.

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