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    Unauthorized access at Scalable Capital

    There has apparently been unauthorized access to individual data at Scalable Capital. The company informed its customers about the incident by mail yesterday, referring to a document with further details on the website.

    Scalable Capital
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    As the company announced to several media on request, around 20,000 customers of the investor are said to be hacked by the incident. Access was made to customer data and details of contacts and security statements. The company emphasizes that the assets of hacked customers were never endangered and that unauthorized transfers were not possible. The same applies to the access to the customer area. Those hacked should be particularly vigilant about ransomware and phishing attempts based on the information that has been tapped. In addition, there is a danger of data leak by the hackers, who could try to open an account with the information, access existing accounts.

    This type of investment is becoming more and more popular worldwide. In the USA alone, assets under this kind of advisors are already several hundred billion dollars. Scalable Capital says it manages over two billion dollars. Since Summer, customers can also trade stocks and funds themselves.

    The Data Leak Was Discovered Last Week

    All necessary measures have been taken to rule out further unlawful access to the archive. The supervisory authorities have been informed. In addition, a complaint was filed with the prosecutor. The company spokeswoman assured the customer’s assets were at no point at risk. According to initial findings, the access to the customer data was apparently carried out with extensive insider knowledge. According to the current state of knowledge, there is no exploitable security gap. However, the company refused to provide any further detail, referring to the ongoing investigation.

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