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    Unknown attackers had access to personal data of Warner Music

    Warner Music Group has admitted a security incident in which customers card details were stolen in some of the company’s online stores. Warner Music said there was an attack on online stores earlier this year involving credit card payments.

    In addition to email addresses and names, there was also unlawful access to credit card information. In a statement, Warner Music warns that expiration dates and CVC numbers have also been hacked. With this data, criminals are fully equipped to pay for items online with the stolen card. The data theft is said to affect customers who bought an item in an affected online shop in 2020. According to Warner, the hackers had access to the information that customers entered to complete the purchase. Payments should not have been affected by the incident.

    Warner Music

    The major label does not currently explain how the data leak came about. A list of the affected online shops is also not available at the moment. According to its own information, the case is still being worked on and affected customers are being contacted.

    Warner Music Offers Free Identity Management For One Year

    This type of attack, known as web skimming, occurs when hackers take control of a website and insert malicious code that logs customer information entered on payment forms. Warner Music has not listed the online stores that the malicious code has been injected into, which means that ordinary shoppers cannot tell whether they are affected or not. With the company operating dozens of smaller music studios, it’s unclear which ones were affected. Warner Music has started an investigation to clarify the exact details and is offering the affected customers identity management free of charge for one year.

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