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    Microsoft wants to activate the password monitor function in Edge

    Microsoft has announced its plans for the Edge browser. Some exciting functions are planned, which are to be rolled out in the next few weeks. Highlights include vertical tabs, a password monitor and a smart copy function. The Edge web browser is designed to warn users when they visit websites with a login function if their password already appears in data records published by hackers. If your passwords are burned, you should react immediately and change them.

    Password Monitor Function Will Be Optional

    Microsoft wants to activate the function called password monitor in the coming months. Use is optional. The feature was not yet available on test system with the current Edge version. The system only works if you use Edge’s password storage function. The web browser then compares saved combinations of user names and passwords with lists of data leaks. So far it is unknown which sources Microsoft taps into. In this context, they only speak of log-in data that appear in the darknet. When Edge hits, a small warning window appears in the browser. From here you can jump directly to the password monitor screen and see which saved log-in data are already in leaks. From the entries you can go directly to the corresponding websites and change the password. Edge will immediately save the updated ones.

    Millions Of Passwords Are Stolen In The Course Of Data Leaks

    The password manager should warn users if one of their passwords has been stolen. Every year millions of passwords are stolen in the course of data leaks and then sold as large packages, among other things through the deep web. Edge will warn users in the future if they enter a combination of username and password that have already been affected by a data leak. This will of course only work as long as the theft has been noticed. Finally, you can find an overview of all compromised login data in the browser settings so that you can change them. This feature should also be available in a few months.

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