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    5G for more reliable real-time communication

    To be able to regulate highly production networks reliably and safely still appears to be a challenge for many companies. Edge and clouds are gaining importance here, but there is still a lack of appropriate equipment and infrastructure to permanently integrate existing networks into IT landscapes in accordance with the necessary requirements. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer Institute for technology is now developing a consistently real time infrastructure based on 5G cellular systems.

    For fast and reliable information exchange in the 5G network, the research partners in the 5G project rely on some of standards that are referred to as TSN and were developed by the task group. The partners in the 5G-Comet now want to connect the TSN in a real-time-capable overall network. The aim is high availability, reliable and secure communication between all components: from sensors and actuators at the field level with 5G networks.

    The Edge Cloud Acts As The Center For All Programs In The 5G Network

    The data from all components in the system converge here. The high storage and computing of the cloud, the fast information between 5G and Ethernet and the reliable interfaces then make it possible that the individual processes within the systems won’t have to be controlled, but rather cloud-based. In this way, process chains can be directed with one another with programmed applications.


    To ensure that this works reliably, the German research partners are now combining the TSN for Ethernet, so that the entire production has a communication infrastructure. The interfaces between the mobile and the wired systems should thus have a good effect on the reliability of transmission.

    First Applications Being Checked

    In the case of processing, a robot uses a tool to provide surfaces with textures, engravings or markings. Determining the exact position of the device and the laser tool during activity and precisely checking both components requires high computing abilities. The continuous TSN system with low-latency transmission to the Fraunhofer Edge Cloud ensures that all required individual networks can react to one another quickly and without delays.

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