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    Advices for smart device owners to protect password attacks

    According to the Avira research team, 35 % of all hacker attacks on the access of smart device take place with empty input fields. In this type of activities, cyber attackers focus on a known vulnerability. The mixture of empty input fields is significantly higher than the  attacks with other username passwords, which indicates that many smart devices have empty and therefore easy to crack access information.

    The most frequently used passwords for IoT s consist of an empty field. Experts discovered this through the Avira smart device. At the same time, this means that the attackers or their scripts do not enter a username or password to access the device. A blank password is even more common than the admin. Empty input fields were even more often used by attackers than the preset access information for many smart devices, which are often set in the device’s settings.

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    Advice To Owners Of Smart Devices

    Device manufacturers and developers are primarily responsible for fixing security gaps in smart devices. Nevertheless, device owners can move themselves to make their smart devices more secure. However, the following steps require that the user be a little more skilled.

    The user manual explains how to access the user interface of a smart device. There the insecure password can be changed to a secure password. However, this is not so easy to implement with all devices. Many videos now offer helpful data. Find out about known potential security vulnerabilities in your device. Check for firmware updates for your device to show known vulnerabilities with your device. Search your network for open ports that could attract uninvited hackers. Since all smart devices are connected in the WLAN, it is ultimately important to secure the router itself. To this end, Avira recently put together a some tips for improving router security.

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