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    Arcserve and Sophos deepen their alliance with a jointly developed cyber protection

    The solution eliminates the complexity of discrete cyber protection and data security with the help of a suite. This is intended to combine anti ransomware and other threat protection techniques with immutable backup and disaster recovery functions to protect against cyber attacks.

    Cloud solutions include Cloud Backup and Cloud Hybrid by Sophos.In addition, the global cost of ransom claims is expected to reach around 20 billion dollars next year.This means that companies need to mitigate both the short and long term financial consequences of a cyber attack more effectively.

    The solutions extend system protection with deep learning techniques that are designed to detect both known and unknown malware without having to rely on signatures, exploit prevention and anti ransomware functions.

    It also prevents data loss and downtime with agentless and agent based backups in public and private clouds, local and remote virtual standby and role based access control.Sophos protects data from deliberate or unintentional deletion, program problems and external security threats. This is done with cloud to cloud backup for OneDrive. The solution, based on Intercept X Advanced for Server, offers cyber protection, policy based administration, fast recovery and granular recovery.

    Growing Need For Security And Data Protection Solutions

    Many consumers were commissioned by Arcserve.They found that approximately 55 percent of respondents refrained from doing business with an organization that was the victim of a cyber attack last year. In addition, cybersecurity ventures estimates the global cost of ransomware to be around 20 billion.

    Therefore, protection against cyber attacks should not be taken lightly.There is an incredible need to integrate security and privacy solutions, especially as we continue to see cybercriminals evolve their tactics and take more aggressive action against backup data.Arcserve’s integration of these technologies comes at the right time to provide companies with tools to close security holes and prevent data loss.

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