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    Dangerous vulnerability in Cloud Director provides malicious codes

    If you implement and manage virtual machines with VMware software, you should update the Cloud Director. Otherwise, attackers can crash virtual machines or even execute malicious code.

    High Considered Risk Attack On Cloud Director

    The most dangerous is a vulnerability in Cloud Director. This provides cloud services and manages them. Due to a lack of verification, attackers could send prepared requests to Cloud Director and thus execute malicious code via code injection. The risk of attack is considered high. VMware lists additional information about the vulnerability and the secured versions in a warning message.A dangerous vulnerability in the management software for virtual environments from VMware endangers systems. If attacks were successful, attackers could have full control over management servers. Admins should quickly install the available patches.

    The dangers surrounding cybersecurity are a challenge for every company. Above all, humans are often difficult to control. In addition to a lack of training and inattentiveness of employees, the Cloud Director risk is a common IT weak point. The connection to the company network via remote access and the use of devices pose numerous dangers. Attacks on DNS servers and many other potential attacks can also pose a serious threat to cyber security. All of this harbors enormous security gaps and problem areas that many companies are not aware of.

    Hackers could crash virtual machines with activated 3D graphics through DoS attack. ESXi 7.0 is not affected. The Fusion 11.5.2 has been fixed. The review is still ongoing, but it is currently not assumed that data from customers has been compromised due to the identified shortcomings. The costs for the necessary measures to close the security gaps do not require a change in the current financial outlook for 2020.

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