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    Boxcryptor Lets Companies And Individual Users Encrypt Data In The Cloud

    Boxcryptor has been one of the best-known and most powerful tools when it comes to encrypting data in the cloud and making it easily accessible on PCs, Macs and smartphones.

    Users Can Load Encrypted Data On Their PC And Into Their Cloud Storage

    Boxcryptor is available in three different editions. The free version allows private individuals to connect a cloud provider and two devices that are allowed to access the encrypted data. In many cases, the free variant is sufficient. With the free version, users can therefore load encrypted data on their PC into their cloud storage and access Boxcryptor on the go with their smartphone and tablet. The team version of Boxcryptor, which is interesting for companies, was recently demonstrated in a detailed deep dive.

    Boxcryptor Companies

    Personal Functions With Boxcryptor

    If you need more functions, you can upgrade to the personal and business editions. These are available for 35 euros per year. The biggest difference between the personal and free versions is that the personal version can be used to connect unlimited cloud providers and devices. So if you work with more than one cloud storage and more than two devices, you are well equipped with the personal version. However, the use of the personal version is intended for private individuals. Anyone who uses Boxcryptor as a self-employed person can use Boxcryptor business. This license also allows professional data to be encrypted.

    In Boxcryptor personal, users can simultaneously encrypt data in Dropbox, Google Drive and many other supported cloud storage devices and access it with an unlimited number of devices. In addition, the file names are reliably encrypted in the personal version.

    More Security With Two-Way Authentication

    In general, it is advisable to work with two-way authentication to log in to the Boxcryptor account. By default, this option is not active. Users can adjust the two-way authentication menu item and also change their password.

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