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    Cofense and NINJO partnership increases cyber security awareness

    Partnership between leading phishing simulation providers and training content enables customers to minimize the dangers of social engineering.

    Cofense, the world’s leading provider of intelligent anti-phishing solutions, announces that it has partnered with NINJIO, a leading developer of educational content to increase security awareness.  Cofense PhishMe administrators can use NINJIO videos, which NINJIO calls episodes in anti-phishing programs.

    The current library of NINJIO security awareness applications includes three to four minute animated videos that show users how to avoid online threats. Every single episode is created and produced by an experienced writer and focuses on a real business where a serious security breach has occurred. New episodes are released every 30 days to keep users up to date on current threats. In addition, each episode is designed to address the viewer’s feelings about psychology, the ability of threat actors to bypass cyber security systems. Finally, the company employee completes a quiz to ensure that he or she understands the specific attack vector information discussed during the episode.

    NINJIO security

    Leading Developer Of Educational Content To Increase Security Awareness

    The business relationship with NINJIO further enriches the training content already included in the Cofense PhishMe platform and in free computer-based training videos produced by Cofense. Fresh, carefully crafted content and training materials are essential for security awareness professionals to keep their programs engaging and interesting, thereby maximizing success for those who use them.

    Cofense is the world’s leading provider of intelligent anti-phishing solutions. Cofense offers a collaborative approach to cybersecurity by enabling enterprise-wide defense against active email threats. The Collective Defense Suite combines timely information about attacks detected by employees with first-class incident response technologies to stop cyberattacks faster and prevent security breaches. Cofense’s customers include defense, financial services and companies who understand that changing user behavior improves security and incident response and minimizes risk.

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