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    Companies must provide ideal data protection for IT technology

    More people work from their home office during the corona pandemic. Because companies often do not provide them with official devices, employees quickly resort to insecure networks. Employees use WhatsApp for business communication, send company internal data to their private e-mail account or save important files on insufficiently protected home PCs.

    However, the data of employees who are allowed to work on the company’s own equipment at home are also exposed to a high risk of attack. Security components such as a firewall, server or patch management, which protect the internal company network from attacks and data loss, are basically not available for mobile work. This means that smartphones and tablets are less well protected outside the network than within the company perimeter.

    Companies Must Therefore Ensure That All IT Technology Is Up To Date

    You have to ensure that the employees on their mobile devices at home only work with the latest system versions and that all applications have security updates. All employees should also receive binding and uniform regulations for the protection of IT and data in the company.

    However, companies can only be completely sure if business and private data and applications on the respective smartphones and tablets are strictly separated. With the help of sophisticated software solutions such as virtual solution, employees can now access company data securely and in compliance with using their own mobile devices.

    Container solution for all company data is available, which is loaded as an app on the device. It offers the employee a separate and secure environment from which they can manage their day to day business, such as emails, contacts, as well as documents and notes. Company data lies within the container, so that it is strictly separated from personal data and applications on the mobile device. In contrast to native or stand alone apps, the company data is automatically encrypted.

    A container solution not only protects the company’s data and applications, but in the case your own device. The system also protects the privacy of the employee. IT technology administrators have no access to the device and private data such as emails, photos or the browser history, but only control business or business data in the container.


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