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    Cyber threats: Keeping one step ahead of hackers

    If you consider the cybersecurity threats situation, the increase of hacker attacks on companies of successful hacks, cyber attackers always seem to be one step ahead of IT security with their new attacks.

    With a comprehensive and long term cybersecurity, companies would be much more effectively equipped against future attacks. Despite the multitude of activities in the present, this is quite possible – because the future is by no means as uncertain as one might assume. Many new cybersecurity threats are innovations of existing attacks.

    New Threats

    In many ways, the security sector itself is to blame for the current short-sighted method. Many vendors use customer fear and uncertainty as a selling tool, claiming that cybersecurity is moving so fast that it is impossible to predict what will come next. While this scary approach to decision making may help sell the latest security, it also promotes a short term mindset because, while it’s true that new threats keep popping up, many of the vectors they rely on, have hardly changed in the last few decades: while hackers attacked mainframes in the 80s and90s , they are attacking clouds today – but they use very similar methods.

    Cyber threats

    For example, almost all attacks on corporate systems are the result of successful spear phishing. The innovation has been around for at least ten years, while phishing has been around since the 90s.

    Future Proof Cybersecurity

    Perhaps the biggest difference between then and now is certainly the benchmark. The way people work in widely distributed companies in a globalized world, often on the go or from the home office, has also changed significantly over the past decade. All of this makes it much more difficult for security to keep track of data and behavior.

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