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    Do You Need A More Secure Skype Alternative?

    The Skype service, which belongs to Microsoft endeavors to meet the needs of users. Encryption has been used for chats since January 2019 – but only for separate and privately started conversations. And as soon as a Skype user speaks to someone on the landline or mobile phone, the part from the public telephone network is not encrypted.

    Should You Rely On More Security?

    Although the support website of Skype emphasizes that the cloud transmission is guaranteed to be coded and that known standards are used, it is certainly not without reason that surprising reports have been made in the past. The fact is: these programs are safer and more anonymous than with Skype. Wire, Jitsi and ICQ encrypt not only text messages, but also audio and video completely!

    Skype Alternatives

    Many video chat applications are as contentious as Skype in terms of data protection. However, there are also some providers in this field who are increasingly focusing on the security of communication content. Some services have specialized in data protection on their own initiative, while others have been pushed by increasing criticism and public pressure to make data protection regulations more user-friendly and to use encryption techniques. If you ignore the data protection debate, there are many good Skype alternatives that are characterized by meaningful and creative functions. Some video chat applications are all available free of charge.

    ICQ for example, was very widespread as a messenger in the 1990s. But the number of users has decreased significantly since then. This is probably why ICQ has been developed into a more versatile application with which you can now also make video calls so far. This has only been possible between two user profiles. However, a special feature has been offered for this since mid-2016: Encryption for video chats is preset for ICQ for Windows, Android and iOS.

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