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    Firefox will activate DoH in the USA by default

    The rollout will take place successively over the next few weeks to ensure that no major problems arise while the new protocol is being released for Firefox users in the USA.

    Outside Of The USA, DoH Can Be Set In The General Settings

    If you click on DNS-over-HTTPS, the queries run by default via the DoH DNS server from Cloudflare. Here, NextDNS can also be selected manually. The second provider has been available since the current version Firefox 73 available.

    Firefox DoH

    Problems Only Shifted Through DoH

    Mozilla had already announced in September that DoH would become the standard in Firefox. Criticism followed because of the collaboration with Cloudflare. Since all domain resolutions initially ran there, it was said that the provider could evaluate the inquiries for their own business purposes – and thus endanger privacy. To counter this, Firefox should add two DNS resolvers that are already active. In addition, users can also create a user-defined provider themselves.

    The previous DNS operator such as Comcast is particularly opposed to the concentration on a few new platforms – in addition to Cloudflare such Google. They believe that this could play into the hands of attackers in another way. In Google’s Chrome browser, DoH can also be selected from other providers according to the DoH the in-house DNS server.

    Mozilla Sees A Greater Risk Of Unencrypted Requests Itself

    Due to the lack of encryption, other devices can collect or even block and change user data. DNS searches are forwarded to servers that can spy on your browser history without informing you or publishing guidelines about it what they’re doing with this information. DNS searches in Firefox are therefore carried out with an encrypted HTTPS connection. This is to hide the browser history from attackers and to prevent third parties from collecting data that could be linked to the user’s computer.

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