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    Forcepoint’s cyber security solutions

    Companies can now license all Forcepoint behavior-based security solutions per user as a single subscription.

    Users have direct access to all features and functions across devices, the company network and the cloud. New features will be added to the subscriptions during their contract term at no additional cost. This reduces the total cost of ownership for the solutions by more than 35 percent. The transparent and calculable support from Forcepoint Advantage also guarantees extremely flexible provision. It covers an unlimited growth in users, due to organic growth or mergers and acquisitions.

    Sensitive Data From Leaving The Corporate Network

    Forcepoint is one of the world’s leading providers of cyber security for the protection of users and data. Forcepoint’s behavior-based solutions adapt to risks in real time. They are delivered through a converged security platform that protects network users and cloud access. Forcepoint’s solution also prevents sensitive data from leaving the corporate network, and security breaches caused by insiders are eliminated.

    IT security providers of Forcepoint expect hackers to increasingly benefit from vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructures in 2020. As the amount of data increases, companies rely more and more on cloud solutions.

    Attacks on the cloud infrastructure are significantly more lucrative than attacks on individual, local systems. The aim is to spy on important systems or bring them to a standstill.

    The New License Model

    Almost simultaneously with the conclusion of the distribution contract with Arrow ECS, the manufacturer is introducing a new license model with Forcepoint Advantage. Its goal is to be able to license all Forcepoint behavior-based security solutions in the form of a subscription per user. New features will be added to subscribers during the term of the contract.

    With the introduction of the cloud and mobile organization, the expectations and requirements of end users have increased – the topic of security in connection with cloud technologies is a contradiction in terms for many IT managers.

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