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    How Works The Safe Security Switch To VoIP

    Telephone via IP networks has arrived in many companies in the recent years. The new all-IP technology has so many advantages that the classic ISDN telephone networks are being retired. By the end of 2020, most of the telephone connections on the part of the major telecommunications operators are to be converted to All-IP.

    Your company’s telephone connection will also be exchanged. Existing analog telephone systems may then no longer be usable. But see the technology change as an opportunity! VoIP telephony is more modern, more flexible and cheaper than ISDN. 50 percent of the companies already use VoIP telephone systems. So that you are not surprised by the changeover, we advise you to deal with a future-proof all-IP solution soon.

    VoIP Telephone

    How Secure Is VoIP Telephone?

    Very secure! Cloud providers are of course very interested in protecting the systems for their customers in the best possible way. The data centers consists of fail-safe servers and meet the strict security requirements. Many companies are often unable to achieve these high security standards themselves. In addition, various security functions are supported, such as the encryption of calls, blocking classes for expensive international destinations or value-added numbers, IP filters, blacklists, automatic fraud detection and much more. You can still be reached even in the event of a power failure at your location.

    IP-based telephone systems are suitable for all companies that want to be best equipped for digitization. You are more flexible, more independent and can use a variety of intelligent functions for your business success. You can make your phone calls with any device – whether desk phone, smartphone or softphone on the computer. You can be reached anywhere on the same number. Internal calls are completely free. In addition, there are no long-term contracts and you only pay for what you actually use. The savings potential is great!

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