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    Industry 4.0 must pay attention to security data

    Everything is networked across the supply chain. What is missing? – The security. Data and process security become a main requirement in networked compatible systems. In the digitization of the process, systems and monitoring are linked. The new types of access that have not been extensively tested are used. The transformative potential of Industry 4.0 and the digital supply chain is immense and crucial for manufacturing and the supply chain to become once again fluid, productive, and profitable in a post-COVID-19 world.

    Industry 4.0 Has To Be Included For Risk Treatment

    The use of organizational measures requires risk oriented systems and control in order to build and maintain a positive shield from the correct interaction of the measures. In addition to business IT, this security management must also include IT production. The increasing networking of both worlds increases the need for their control and a holistic picture. The security measures must take into account the potentials of Industry 4.0 and include them in the risk treatment.

    Goals For Security Concept

    These goals can be achieved by defining and implementing a security concept. This enables both information security and other interacting tasks such as emergency and process management. The integrative view reveals the points at which the linking of the various sub disciplines causes difficulties. Tools such as a control data and a risk repository continuously ensure a very differentiated overview of all processes, requirements, overlaps and priorities.

    Industry 4.0

    While Industry 4.0 is a great example of production that helps companies to be particularly competitive as possible, there are hardly any guidelines for safe security and implementations so far. In contrast to the industry, manufacturing unfortunately does not yet have the advantage that clear regulations for handling the securing systems.

    Affected companies are nonetheless required to adhere to certain rules for securing their equipment. This includes generally restricting user access and authorizations. Of course, access should only be granted to trustworthy users and if possible, contain a maximum of restrictions. Industry 4.0 stands or falls with the right cyber security strategy. Therefore, systems of industrial plants should deal with the topic of security from the start – both in a physical and in a virtual sense.

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