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    The future responsibility of cyber security professionals is diverse

    Reports of people who have been attacked by cyber security experts appear almost weekly. The best known example is phishing emails, where attempts are made to access personal data such as passwords from e-banking via fake websites or emails. But not only private individuals are at risk.

    Cybercriminals are also increasingly targeting companies. The extent ranges from small attacks on the company website to the theft of highly sensitive data. Companies are often underprotected and are not aware of the dangers. Usually there is a shortage of experts who deal intensively with this topic and take the right precautionary measures to protect a company digitally as best as possible.

    Cyber Security Experts For Professionals

    Due to the rapidly advancing digitization, more and more companies and organizations are dependent on the knowledge of cyber security experts. But the area is demanding and requires regular training. The dangers change quickly, what was just safe may be at risk tomorrow.

    To do this, it is essential to know the methods of the hackers and attackers in advance if possible. The recurring activities and analyzes of the cyber security experts are automated with similar programming languages. In the event of a cyber attack, the so called cyber incident, cyber security experts are qualified analysts who support the emergency team with technical stuff. The tasks are demanding. In addition to the classic IT topics such as network or cloud, knowledge about encryption, the production of data or forensics is also required.

    Unfortunately, the IT department has a bad reputation in many places today. Many employees mainly associate IT with negative aspects such as long waiting times or monitoring. Companies are therefore obliged to strengthen the relationship between IT and the rest of the workforce. This is the only way that cyber security can reach the minds of employees.

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