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    Like Windows Operating Systems Uses Linux Also The Latest Technology

    Many companies now use both Linux and Windows. Administrators have an advantage if they have basic knowledge of both systems.

    Microsoft introduced the changes for several reasons. An important reason is that most companies use both Windows and Linux and recently, innovative data center systems were originally based on Linux technology. An example at this point are the containers. Many experts believe that just being an expert on Windows servers is no longer enough these days. If IT professionals want to climb the career ladder and stay on top of the latest technology trends, then you need to have basic knowledge of both Windows and Linux.

    Appropriate Configuration Is Difficult In The Registry

    The Windows operating system is mainly configured via the so-called registry. This also applies to users and applications. You access the registry via the command line and with the regedit application. Finding the appropriate configuration is not easy in the registry. It is a huge hierarchical structure in which enormous amounts of data and settings are stored.

    Linux Feature

    Windows users are looking in vain for a similar component under Linux. Under Linux, the configurations are usually stored in text files that are located in the / etc directory and elsewhere. It depends a bit on the application. There is no central location like the registry, but finding and changing text files is much easier because the settings are usually stored in plain text.

    Gain Experience Yourself

    If you want to gain experience with Linux yourself, experts recommend the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This is a feature that you can use with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019. This enables users to run Linux under Windows and does not require a VM for this. Access to the Linux file system is still supported and you can access the local Windows file system from the Linux distribution.

    Linux distributions can be easily installed from the Windows Store. This is possible either via the command line or script. A download and a subsequent manual installation is also feasible. The technology behind this system is similar to how a container works when we look at the insulation. It essentially consists of two components. These are the LX Session Manager and Pico Processes. They translate the system calls from Linux to the Windows APIs.

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