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    Magecart Hackers Increase Their Skimming Operations

    The number of cyber attacks by formjacking has increased significantly in recent months, as several IT security companies and experts report. What it is all about and what needs to be considered to protect yourself against the delusion of criminals is explained below.

    Magecart Attacks Infect The Advertising Networks

    Form jacking refers to the middle card skimming attacks of the MageCart type that have already been directed against Ticketmaster and many other companies and other e-commerce websites. The first infections are often triggered by scripts from advertising networks. Form jacking is an example of an attack on the digital supply chain.

    Magecart Hackers

    As cyberattacks become more advanced, organizations need to consider every possible weakness across the network. Hackers are increasingly manipulating partner networks and integrated third-party services to gain access to a company. Digital value chains create business flexibility, but also dramatically expand a company’s target. One example is the infiltration of hidden malicious code into software services, which then distributes the malware to subscribers. This is how the antivirus software provider found out when its code was compromised and then distributed. In addition to the direct upstream and downstream supply chain partners, there is also the increasing number of outsourced service providers who support companies and pose significant security risks that cannot be ignored. The rapid growth of MageCart and other formjacking attacks shows that companies have to deal with the security status of their supply chain.

    Obviously, cybersecurity can no longer be viewed as a mere IT problem. While companies often outsource data processing to third parties, they have a duty to protect personal data, regardless of whether they manage it internally or externally. Automation is the best way to do this within the supply chain, as the effort goes beyond the level and speed that people can handle on their own. Cyber security experts can more effectively detect hidden threats, which means that data can be better protected along the entire supply chain. This in turn also protects the company’s economic interests.

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