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    Secured home office network against attack surfaces

    Remote control and remote desktop has long been indispensable for admins in Windows networks. Recently, it is experiencing a further upswing through the use of the home office. Over 5 million Windows systems can be reached directly from the internet, many of them are configured carelessly and offer an unnecessarily large attack surface. Even against secured RDP access, exploits have been popping up lately. That is why it is so important to apply existing security patches immediately after they are released.

    Effective Work With A Powerful Remote Connection

    For this reason, it is advisable to establish a remote connection from your PC or laptop to your PC at the workplace. To ensure that all work processes run smoothly and that you can work productively from home, the connection should be fast, secure and reliable. Regardless of whether you work from home, need a break from your work or want to keep an overview during a business trip, the key to effective work is a powerful remote connection that enables remote access to work materials in the company at any time.

    Remote Desktop Access To Company Data And Applications

    Home office is already practiced in some companies. Modern solutions offer the same user experience as in the workplace in the company. Microsoft allows access to the Remote Desktop protocol. This allows you to control a PC with a secure connection from another computer. Windows PCs have already integrated the RDP client. Also on other systems, you can use Remote Desktop, but this requires additional software. Infected computers in the employee’s home network may be able to access the company’s data. Therefore nodes should not only be updated, but should also be restricted as far as possible.

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