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    Security through increased Tufin support for next-generation guidelines

    Policy-based automation for cloning the server policy is a key innovation of the Tufin. The network security policy provider Tufin introduced  the new version R19-1.

    This way, companies should be able to use the suite to duplicate corresponding guidelines in order to set up new servers quickly and without errors. Applications can thus be moved to new data centers or to the cloud without endangering the availability and security of mission-critical services, the manufacturer continues. The solution also helps to speed up application migration.

    The Tufin Provider Wants To Set More Security On Data Network

    According to Tufin, the R19-1 enables all private IP addresses that are not assigned to a zone to continue to be protected by the matrix of the Unified Security Policy. By means of a predefined private zone for unknown networks, the manufacturer wants to enable companies to set more security and restrictions on data traffic and from a private network. With the new version, security teams are also able to extend segmentation guidelines to the entire fragmented network. This should enable them to ensure that all of the company’s subnetworks are protected.

    Tufin Network Security

    According to Tufin, this function helps to implement a uniform security policy in large, complex networks, such as those required for zero-trust security initiatives. Potential blind spots that the security team could possibly overlook can be eliminated just as easily, the manufacturer continues. It also helps the solutions ability to define their network segmentation guidelines if they encounter difficulties.

    The updated version of the Tufin simplifies the start of the segmentation process by establishing basic access restrictions between the private network and the internet, for which zones have already been defined. The guidelines can then be further refined by adding specific network areas for applications and systems that contain sensitive data, according to the manufacturer.

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