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    Social media is becoming increasingly popular for data security

    The pandemic is forcing businesses and providers to open up new sales: This is shown by the current study of Greven Media and highlights the various reasons for motivation: Above all, reduced prices, trustworthy brands and individual offers convince shoppers. The study gives small and medium sized companies important insights to check how high the potential for their own business data is. Whether Instagram or Youtube: they are no longer just a place for exchanging data and opinions. The social media accounts now also offer their users the opportunity to shop successfully. The pandemic has once again increased the acceptance of the channels for shopping: one in ten became a shopper during th crisis.

    Top Reasons For Social Media Purchases

    When asked what motivates online users or would motivate them to shop through social media, a quarter of those surveyed named a reduced price. However, cost driven motivation decreases with age. The older the online user, the less decisive the discount. Around 40% of 18 to 24 year olds use the discounted price as a top motivation for shopping.

    The second reason is that brands convince users: Almost a fifth of those surveyed (18%) say that trustworthy brands motivate them to buy with a social media channel. In third place was the statement that offers are interesting because they are tailored to one’s own interests. Fourth and fifth place are shown by the reasons that ordering is uncomplicated and that very good reviews from other users have inspired it.

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    Students and Large Households Are Bargain Hunters

    The study clearly shows that students are bargain hunters. 42 % of students are tempted to get a discount, so they shop through social media. In addition, reduced prices encourage large households to shop: the larger the household, the more often a discount is given for the reason for shopping on Facebook.

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