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    The functionalities of future SD-WAN

    Many campaigners claim to offer a wide variety of SD-WAN functionality. However, the demands on the internet have developed rapidly in the last five years and many of the conventional SD-WAN problems have long since ceased to meet these new requirements. Above all, risks such as lack of security, less scalability, Inefficient cloud functionalities and integrations reduce the user experience and reduce the value and advantages that companies and providers get from WAN deployment.

    Because what is needed today are mature SD-WAN designs that offer additional capabilities and fully meet the demanding WAN edge requirements, such as security, routing and scalability. The most important SD-WAN functionalities that are required in small sized companies as well as large ones with providers today in order to integrate systems in a beneficial way include:

    Comprehensively Integrated Security

    This includes a firewall, an intrusion prevention, a secure virtual system and global threat management within a single software stack. Without integration, SD-WAN problems almost always require a security instance. These additional securities are usually a second software stack or even worse – a separate appliance. This in turn requires a separate interface for configuration and changes.


    Scalable Advanced Routing

    In addition to classic routing functionality, which is a key fact of SD-WAN, it is imperative to support more advanced functions. In addition, advanced SD-WAN should be able to compare routing decisions and modifications such as security. As a result, the integration between these functions is increased, the latency time is considerably reduced and the danger of errors is permanently reduced.

    Advanced Analytics

    The ability to provide real-time analytics from layer two to layer in a solution that correlates information across layers is dangerous to security. While many SD-WAN problems require third-party tools to do this, advanced solutions offer this as part of the network. This is even more important as analytics has become essential for monitoring, impairments and issues while providing feedback on network, and security issues.

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