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    The impact of botnet dismantling

    The investigators have gained control of most of the cyber servers and were able to infiltrate and shut down the infamous botnet. This is undoubtedly a significant victory in the fight against one of the greatest current cybersecurity threats worldwide – but what does it mean for the future of botnets and ransomware?

    Investigators Against Emotet

    Emotet is an advanced Trojan that can self propagate. In the past it was used as a banking Trojan, but nowadays it is known for its ability to spread other malicious codes, which provides an infection for various malware. Phishing mails with malicious attachments are usually used to attack devices. However, Emotet is not only based on technology, but also on a very well planned cyber business. Instead of acting alone, the attackers responsible for the infamous botnet have repeatedly forged partnerships with other organizations in order to distribute malicious software.


    The investigators succeeded in infiltrating a considerable part of the networks by diverting information from infected devices to an infrastructure set up by the authorities. As a result, investigations were ultimately able to take over the hacker servers and smash the infamous botnet.

    The Fight Against Ransomware Continues

    While this is good news in the fight against cybercrime, it is only a temporary success. In order to prevent this kind of cyber attack from gaining traction, some essential points must be met.

    First, enterprise networks must be protected from threats by implementing solid endpoint protection. This is the most important step in preventing a device from becoming infected for the first time. Failure to do so, a click can cause malware to spread across a group’s network and cause immense damage.

    Emotet seems to be defeated – at least for now. But another group will most likely take the chance and try to fill this gap. Ransomware will continue to be a problem as hackers are constantly striving to improve their technologies.

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