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    Some Mac programs were affected after trying to log in

    Several known Mac programs of a developer suddenly refused to work on Tuesday, they crashed immediately after opening. If the apps were freshly downloaded, macOS blocked the start with a malware warning and a message that the software could damage the computer, and the user is then asked to send it to the trash.

    Apple Malware Alert

    The trigger for this was that Apple had withdrawn the certificates used for signing, as the developer explains. The developer said that they already failed when trying to log into their developer account at Apple, where the certificates can also be managed. They did not receive a notice from the group. Developers can also distribute their Mac apps unsigned, but then they cannot be opened directly and the operating system warns the user.All of his Mac programs, which they sell directly to customers outside of the Mac App Store were affected. The tools affected included the YouTube video downloader and the media converter.

    If you want to try macOS, you have to join the beta program on your own Apple site. As always in such cases, it is advisable to carefully consider this step. After all, there are always errors in such test versions that can also lead to serious problems. At least you should create a fresh backup beforehand.

    The Account Was Classified As Malicious

    The developer feared for his business and tried to contact Apple quickly, but found no way to contact Apple by phone. Just with an e-mail form. Monroe therefore turned to the public on Twitter and quickly caused a sensation: After almost 24 hours, the developer account was made accessible again without a word so that they could publish new, freshly signed versions of the software. It was only later that the developer received an apology call from the group with a brief explanation: The account was mistakenly classified as malicious by an automated system and was therefore blocked.

    Mac programs

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