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    Companies must ensure that the employee devices are up to date while data is transferred

    Companies and their employees are dependent on their business devices. Security gaps are therefore all the more critical as in the current case.

    What is particularly perfidious about this gap is that victims were not aware of the attack because the notification tone of the MMS could be switched off. In contrast to many other cyber attacks, no interaction of the victim was necessary in the current case to make the attack successful.

    The Situation Is Similar For Companies

    If business relevant data is transferred, this can influence and endanger daily business. As soon as personal data reach unauthorized third parties in this way, there is also a violation of data protection regulations, which can sometimes result in severe penalties.

    Company Devices Must Be Up To Date

    Companies must therefore ensure that their employees devices are up to date at all times. In large companies in particular, the number of mobile endpoints accessing the company network is a high possibility, which makes manual device management difficult or impossible.

    An endpoint management solution can remedy this situation by monitoring all devices for their update status and if necessary, updating them as soon as a new update is published.

    IT decision makers around the world conclude that over 75 percent of CIOs fear that they may not have enough transparency or control over end devices such as laptops, servers and cloud infrastructures. To reduce risk, organizations need to focus on the basics of endpoint security management.

    The first step is to achieve real time visibility of all digital assets by communicating with employees and ensuring that IT managers have a clear understanding of the devices used to work at home. By monitoring all potential entry points for cyber criminals, companies will be able to protect data as best as possible and reduce risks.

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