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    Facebook fears that iOS 14 will have significant disadvantages

    Facebook fears that Apple’s iOS 14 update will halve its advertising revenues and its app developers who use its advertising tracking tools. The update contains several privacy features that make it difficult for companies to track consumers on the internet with personalized ads without their consent.

    Facebook says that these new privacy features will prohibit many users from tracking, which is a disadvantage for small businesses that are dependent on advertising income. ”The update will damage many of our developers at a time that is already very difficult,” warns the company.

    Advertising Revenue Halved

    For the time being, Facebook no longer wants to use Apple’s information. The group estimates that advertising revenue from apps could fall by more than half. Therefore, using the audience network on Apple devices may no longer pay off in the future.

    iOS 14

    Facebook Knows A Lot About Apps

    In the future, Apple will force third party apps to obtain tracking permission from the user. The so called advertising identifier can no longer be used freely as long as there is no consent. It is a unique identifier provided by iOS that the user can reset or switch off. Large advertising sellers like Facebook get a detailed insight into the app activities of users and can track whether a certain advertising campaign has led to an app being installed. Facebook now fears that many users will refuse this permission as soon as they even notice that they are being tracked in apps.

    Apple received a lot of praise for its data protection measures in iOS 14. So far, it could already be deleted, but many users rarely did so and were therefore tracked. But Apple also received criticism. No opt-in is obtained for the company’s own advertising platform.

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