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    Users search for Capitol attackers in dating apps

    In the US, not only are networks responding to the attack on the Capitol that was 12 days ago. Dating apps are also taking activities against users who participated in it. At the same time, one of these apps is allegedly even used by users to identify hackers and report them to law enforcement officers. Together, this shows once again how much online users reveal about themselves and what consequences this can have. Individual civil rights therefore also warn against the legislature and point out the weak consequences, for example, incorrect identification.

    Bragging Attackers

    The activity is operated against the attackers who entered the Capitol on January 6. Stormed and interrupted the scheduled confirmation of the US election result. At Trump’s request, the group had moved to the building, which was then able to break into a considerable number of people. Four people were killed and one woman was shot. Pipe bombs were later seized in the building. Also because many attackers were not aware of any offense, some of them had bragged live on various online sources. Meanwhile, US law enforcement officers are investigating and there are arrests across the country.


    Users On The Hunt

    The search for attackers goes even further, which is marketed as a women friendly variant. In contrast to other apps, users can filter out suggestions from the outset if the other person has not indicated the desired affiliation. Women have now reversed this and looked around specifically for male users who have called themselves as conservative and who were there around January 6th. After contacting them, they tried to get incriminating confessions. They then went straight to the FBI.

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