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    Youtube bans videos of large scale election fraud

    Youtube will crack down on videos that make misleading statements about alleged fake news of the US elections. “We will remove videos that claim that a candidate won the election due to widespread bugs,” the platform announced on Wednesday.

    2020 Election

    So far, Youtube only removed videos that clearly manipulated the community guidelines. These prohibit spam violated the influencing authorities and all content that aims to incite violence. In some cases however, controversial views about the outcome of the vote counting of an ongoing election have been allowed as electoral authorities worked on the count. With the expiry of the safe harbor phase for the presidential election, enough states would have confirmed their results to determine an elected president, according to the blog entry.


    Youtube Was Recently Blamed

    Youtube was recently criticized from two sides. On the one hand, supporters of the Democrats accused the video platform of not having acted vigorously against the spread of conspiracy narratives about alleged violation of the elections.

    Some Videos Are Still Allowed

    YouTube has announced that it will implement the new rule this Wednesday. The service intends to intensify its approach in the coming weeks. However, the move does not mean that no content on the subject of the legitimacy of the election is permitted on the video platform. As always, news items and comments on these subjects can remain on the platform if there is sufficient educational context.

    There were also many false statements circulating on the company on the subject of Covid-19. So called borderline content is particularly a problem because it is difficult to operate: This refers to questionable videos that do not clearly manipulate YouTube’s rules, but, for example, present false data, sometimes embedded in indisputable statements.

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