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    Zoom Addresses Its Issues With Zoombombing

    Zoombombing,  zoom-bombing, or Zoom raiding is the unwanted intrusion into a video conference call by an individual, causing disruption.

    Zoom has been quiet for some time, and people seem to be losing grasp of the fact that the company is still on its 90-day security procedure. The cleanup protocol has been an effort to curb zoombombing for people with free accounts. The company will soon release an update that directly addresses this issue. 

    The release of this update scheduled for the 9th of May. This update has improved features like the advanced control users have over PMIs (Personal Meeting IDs). These PMIs are, in essence, meeting links, and the vulnerabilities in their nature have led to misuse, known as zoombombing.

    This update has added room for more user control by making the option of disabling the PMIs available to administrators and account holders. They can disable when scheduling or beginning an instant meeting.

    Zoom exonerates the reason for this added feature as it explains that PMIs are easily accessible using the same ID or meeting link. When PMIs are disabled, it completely diminishes the risk of intrusion. Therefore, the option of disabling can be locked at an account or group level.

    Also, they have enabled the use of passwords for all meetings. This gives rise to an enforced use of waiting rooms for meeting participants. Also, changing screen sharing to be host-only by default. However, Zoom and its users can only hope that this security measure is indeed a step taken in the right direction.

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