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    7.5 million cyber attacks on cloud services

    Cyber ​​attackers continue to use the pandemic scams. Such attacks increased by 600 percent compared to the previous quarter of the year. In addition, McAfee was able to uncover new data about cyber activites, which indicate that the attacks are carried out by the hidden Cobra hackers, or another group that is doing the same way.

    Cyber ​​attackers began to exploit the pandemic issue and switch to the home office for their own purposes in the first weeks of the crisis. In response, McAfee developed the pandemic threats dashboard, which provides real time information on cyber attacks related to the pandemic. During the second quarter of 2020, the dashboard saw a 600 percent increase in cyber criminality compared to the first one.

    Cyber ​​attackers

    Hackers Attack Cloud Users

    The researchers identified nearly 7.5 million cyber attacks on cloud services during the second quarter of 2020. The attacks result from the evaluation of over millions of data from  cloud users worldwide during the second quarter.

    Login Data Is Mainly Used

    Successful attacks on cloud users mainly use login information that was captured in cyber attacks on third party providers. Since users often use their login data for several accounts, this attack is quite successful. But also weak and easy to guess passwords made cloud users vulnerable.

    In addition, the number of hacked login attempts known to be malicious increased by 600 percent in the second quarter. Cloud networks recognize and block many cyber attacks every day. If a hacker uses valid login, he has to provide further information in order to be able to login. However, some hackers are very well prepared and able to pose as regular users, which makes it more difficult to protect cloud users.

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