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    A corresponding discussion at Doom Eternal because of anti cheat program

    Gradually, more and more PC gamers are realizing that the Doom Eternal (released in mid-March 2020) had also to install a kernel driver for a new software called Denuvo anti – cheat.

    The New Software Installation Is Not Well Received In The Community

    Many players on Steam give negative reviews for Doom Eternal. For most, the anti cheat is the only criticism. Gamers don’t want to install a kernel mode driver just so that they can play the single player part.

    The game no longer runs under Linux, report some users. At least so far, no further concrete problems with Denuvo’s anti-cheat protection have been reported. Many gamers apparently are also bothered by the basic approach of publisher, who suddenly made software a prerequisite for playing two months after the game was released, without this being foreseeable beforehand.

    The Fundamental Rejection Of Software Is Understandable

    Riot Games has just released a similar driver called Vanguard, which at least in individual cases has paralyzed the computer’s hardware. In addition to keyboards, the cooling system is said to have been deactivated.

    Denuvo Anti – Cheat Automatically Removed

    Players using Doom Eternal must manually remove the driver through Windows. Denuvo anti-cheat comes from the company, which has previously been known primarily for the anti software of the same name. It should prevent cheating in multiplayer games or at least make it much more difficult. Denuvo will probably appear in other PC games sooner or later.

    If you exit Doom Eternal, this also means the end for the kernel driver. This is a significant difference to the solution with the name Vanguard, where the driver is loaded when the system is started. The company assured  that no surveillance or data collection takes place outside of multiplayer games. Doom Eternal players are still not happy. Because many are of the opinion that without exception, software should not have kernel-level access and customers should be informed about something like this before buying a game.

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