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    Black Friday Opportunity For Cyber Security Challenges

    Buying new year gifts online is popular! This will continue to be the case until the end of 2019. The advantages are obvious: gifts can be ordered conveniently and usually within seconds from the sofa at home to the front door. According to a study, 60 percent of all new year gifts are processed online. Scammers know that too – they have prepared themselves precisely for this time of year!

    Black Friday

    Be Aware Of Advertising Campaigns

    Many people take the following Black Friday off to enjoy a long weekend at home. Since the spread of online purchases, retailers have also been advertising on the worldwide web, making this day increasingly popular. However, it is common practice among hackers to start an advertising campaign for their own offers on the black market long before the official Black Friday. Internet users are then already offered with a large number of online ads. In some cases, a type of mole is enlisted to assist in the execution of monetary transactions or returns of the goods. Other ads put compromised card details for sale online. It is not uncommon to sell them in bulk as scammers try to get rid of excess stocks. The cards are mostly sold regionally and passed on in the form of card verification values, which hackers mostly received through phishing and malware. The goods are also offered in so-called forms. This is card data that was stolen from ATMs and is now used to clone physical cards.

    Users Should Check Their Credit Card And Account Statements

    An in-depth analysis shows that 90 percent of all compromised cash cards in the first half of 2019 that are sold on the black market are in only 15 countries. With the upcoming holiday season in mind, it is particularly important for consumers to remain vigilant. Especially phishing emails or text messages that are said to come from your bank or card issuer are increasing significantly during this time. It should also be emphasized that users should check their credit card and account statements even more intensively for activities – especially if they notice purchases that have not been made themselves. These should be reported immediately. Hackers know that online retailers and card issuers are loosening their standard security protocols in order to increase the transaction volume and thus maintain the customer experience.


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