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    AIOps for networks is emerging

    Hardly any other sector is as fast-moving as the technology – new developments and methods are constantly emerging. A key innovation that has made enormous development steps in the last few years and has gained significantly more attention: AIOps.

    Whether global companies and providers, they have long recognized the added value of AI. Their use is not only crucial in order to secure long term competitiveness, they also offer real relief for IT security. The functions of an AI networks are great. They provide insights into how the network is being used and where bottlenecks are, they also show anomalies and initiate measures to solve problems. In addition, AI innovations offer employees seamless communication, they map movement patterns, enable journey mapping for people.

    The use of artificial intelligence is recommended in every company that has a large amount of structured information. AI solutions from large structured information sets recognize recurring patterns and can thus learn independently. Only in this way do they offer constructive records and solving dangers. In addition, as with any solution implementation, experts also count when using AI. If this is not available internally, it is worth thinking about a model and outsourcing this competence. However, a long term goal should be the development of internal competencies.


    A New Method – AIOps

    But while functions such as artificial intelligence are now almost mainstream, there is a concept that has only recently made waves – AIOps. Artificial intelligence for IT security goes one step further and combines big information for the optimization of IT security, including event correlations, detection and causality. It can be easily integrated into existing processes.

    But how exactly does AIOps work? AIOps can be used in all areas of network  and is used to support monitoring. With the help of artificial intelligence, information is collected across the entire system, allowing intervention in the event of risks without human IT support. This includes order, user, event and monitoring, but also logs. Since the networks learn independently, the functions are continuously improved. Used correctly, AIOps enables simplified and independent collaboration, less time consuming manual tasks, the dissolution of IT and the avoidance of costly downtimes.

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