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    Chrome 83 focuses on data protection and security for other innovations

    The new Chrome version 83 removes several gaps in the browser. Google’s developers have also included a few new features. This includes the reluctance to introduce encrypted DNS queries. Form elements should become more user friendly and clear.

    The Chrome blog lists more than 20 vulnerabilities that were discovered by external security researchers and reported to Google. Google classifies some of these gaps as high risk. In total, Google has awarded the discoverers of the vulnerabilities 70.000 dollars, some amounts are still undetermined.

    Among the serious security gaps are three use after free gaps that affect reading mode and media content handling. They alone make up far more than half of the premium amount. The most common word in the list of vulnerabilities removed is insufficient. In some cases it describes the performance of the developers in the implementation of their tasks.

    Unencrypted DNS queries at least tell the eavesdropper which websites someone is accessing. In order to better protect the privacy of users, encrypted DNS queries have been discussed and experimented for some time. DNS over HTTPS should solve the problem. In Chrome 83, Google carefully implements the test results with and calls it secure DNS. To ensure that services such as child protection filters based on DNS can continue to be used, Chrome works with lists of well known providers where Google already knows that it works. If the parental controls are activated in Windows, Chrome switches off as a precaution.

    Form Elements Are An Important Part Of Interactive Websites

    The design of form elements has followed changing fashions in the past decades. Microsoft and Google have now worked together on a new facelift that should make it clearer more quickly what is at stake. This has already been implemented in Edge and now also in Chrome 83. Settings page that lets users manage and delete cookies on a per-site basis, a feature.

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