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    Cloud software continues to protect companies from cyber attacks

    If you think your company is too small and therefore not a worthwhile target for cyber attackers, you are wrong. Because not only large companies of public interest are attacked by hackers. Small companies and startups are also falling victim to them more and more often. The cloud can help here: Providers of cloud software and infrastructures enable companies without their own IT to secure their information at any time.

    In three out of four cases (75 %), the incidents had harmful effects. Almost 15 % even fear for their very existence due to the hacker attacks they have suffered.

    One reason for the high vulnerability rate is that many still have  deficiencies in terms of IT security: 25 % of companies around the world were surveyed and stated that they did not have any backup processes. 35 percent lack crisis response.

    Trust In External Know How

    The reason for this is that small businesses in particular often lack the appropriate expertise to successfully tackle the issue of security. These companies should rely on providers when it comes to IT security. It is particularly worthwhile to consider software offerings from the cloud software. According to this, the increase of security incidents in cloud apps were 22 %.

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    Reliability Thanks To Redundant Designs

    In addition to protecting the networks from unauthorized access, the continuous availability of company data is an important thing of IT security. When using providers in the cloud, the infrastructure providers ensure the corresponding fail-safety for data loss. For this purpose, they offer a redundant IT design in their center, which is activated immediately in the event of a possible failure and converts to a replacement network. This prevents data from being lost and ensures uninterrupted work. In addition, the infrastructure provider carries out backups on networks, which in turn are kept redundant. Scalable at any time, clouds are designed for a high information flow and high load – which also reduces the risk of failure.

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