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    Cybersecurity Outlook And Key Factors For 2020

    The threat landscape changed several times in the past year. This is reason enough to keep looking into the future again and again to sharpen understanding of these trends and to position yourself well as a company in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity experts took a close look at the key security factors that could impact cybersecurity in 2020. These include: The human factor, new ransomware, cloud security and the new role of the managed service provider as a security consultant.

    To track down hacker activity in the network, companies are increasingly using Endpoint Detection and response tools that log system events such as network communication or file access on all workstations and servers hacker activity. Security specialists then evaluate and decide either in house or in the form of Managed Detection and Response services – whether it is a hacker attack and which measures have to be taken.

    Cybersecurity 2020

    Cyber ​​Criminals Try To Bypass Machine Learning In Security Systems

    Machine learning has become an integral part of the cybersecurity strategy in most modern companies. Cybercriminals will try to bypass machine learning-based security systems or undermine the mechanisms. In the cat and mouse game between attackers and defenders, both offensive and defensive machine learning tools will evolve rapidly with increasing sophistication and effectiveness. Over the next year, we expect further incidents in which cybercriminals try to outsmart detection and classification models. In addition, it can also be assumed that cybercriminals use technologies in their attacks. In the coming years, the cybersecurity industry will continue to work on new techniques so that security solutions can make partially or even completely autonomous defense decisions.

    In the crowded market, it is more important to position yourself as a proven security advisor. The cyber threat landscape is moving fast and businesses need help and guidance to protect themselves from today’s complex attacks. In the coming year, companies should ensure that they are up to date with the extremely dynamic threat landscape and available next-generation security solutions. This enables them to provide their customers with the best possible resources and take advantage of the opportunities of cross-selling and upselling. In addition, it is advisable  to take appropriate measures to protect your own environments.


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