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    How Should Companies Deal With Public Cloud Security Solutions?

    Companies are placing an increasing focus on the public cloud and are dependent on the external expertise of IT service and consulting providers. This is the result of a study commissioned by Nordcloud.

    Nordcloud, one of the leading European providers of public cloud infrastructure solutions has recently examined the strategies and mindset for public clouds in Europe  and analyzed the demands on managed public cloud providers.

    Cloud Security

    Trend Towards Dual And Multi Vendor Strategy

    Since the range of functions, the complexity and the speed of innovation of the public cloud platforms are now very high, more than half of the companies surveyed specifically use two strategic cloud providers. In addition, a total of 20 percent stated that they used more than two providers. 35 percent cited minimizing the risk of a vendor lock-in as reasons for a dual or multi-vendor strategy, almost 40 percent also value the possibility of global coverage of the data center locations as enablers for international rollouts of their new digital services.

    Investments In The Public Cloud Are Increasing

    In addition, 75 percent of the respondents stated that they would invest at least 10 to 20 percent of their infrastructure budget for  in the public cloud by 2020. 25 percent even plan to shift between 30 and 50 percent of their infrastructure budget to public clouds. On average,  the cloud budget is devoted to pure cloud operations. The public cloud major Microsoft Azure shares the majority of the current public cloud budget  in companies, although providers such as Google Cloud Platform  also play an important role in European countries.

    In order to remain competitive in times of digital transformation, companies should increasingly rely on cloud computing technologies. More and more companies are aware of this necessary step and are therefore already preparing and planning the implementation to use more resources for cloud operations and all associated processes in the future. Through partners such as Nordcloud, the numerous changes can also be mastered by companies that lack the necessary specialist staff.

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