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    How to protect privacy and data on the internet?

    The evolution of the digitalization cannot be stopped and that is a good thing. The online world offers more and more diverse possibilities and it can be eagerly awaited which great innovations we can look forward to in the future. But where there is light, there is also shadow. With the advancing digitization, more and more cyber activities arise on the online world. The privacy of many users is no longer secure and information is being spied on. However, we are by no means powerless against it. With our methods, we show you how important information and your own privacy can be kept safe.

    Cybercrime Increase

    In the second quarter of last year, according to a current report, the cyber attack cases rose by 150% compared to the first quarter. Users and companies are still too careless with their information. Among other things, the pandemic made it easier for hackers to strike. People spend more time at the devices and the increase in home office work has opened up more chances for cyber attackers.


    Cyber ​​Insurance

    As a result of this ever increasing threat, the demand for so called cyber insurance is increasing. Even if users are very careful, something can still happen. Cyber attackers are able to exploit even the smallest security gaps in the home office. Cyber ​​insurance ensures that damage after an incident is kept as low as possible. For example, it pays for card malware, information theft, identity or the loss of information. However, it is better if the insurance does not even have to step in.

    Avoid Revealing Information

    Users should really only disclose the data that is really necessary. In no case should the data be too private. It doesn’t take much to carry out identity theft, for example to order things on the internet. Usually the name and date of birth are sufficient. Such information is often published on social networks. If they are given, they should at least not be shared publicly. Ideally, they are left out completely. Before information is even passed on to certain pages, it should be thoroughly checked for trustworthiness.

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